Overall I feel that the project met the aims that I set out with at the start of the year. However, my scope may have been to large and I perhaps should have narrawowed down the level and made it more detailed.

I am encouraged to move on with the project and hope that it performs well in the Dare Academy submission. It has been a great learning process.


Wee bit o’ modellin’ #3

Last year I shyed away from trying to model and texture any of the World War 1 machine rifles/guns due to the greater complexity of their shape . But now I think it was definitely time to push myself a bit further and jump into modelling.

I decided to start off with the French Chauchat, or the Fusil Mitrailleur Modele 1915 CSRG. The French machine rifle was one of the first light, automatic rifle-caliber weapons that were designed to be operated by one person. The design went on to become used in Chauchat.jpgmore modern 20th century machine rifles in that it was fully automatic yet portable and easy to manufacture.

With conditions in the trenches and the low quality metal of many of the parts, it gave way to many shortcomings and was soon phased out by the French army soon after World War 1.

Iray Render within Substance Painter 2