Wee bit o’ Modellin’ #2

Ruby Pistol

The intuitive to operate and simply designed French Ruby Pistol, or the Pistolet Automatique de 7 millim.65 genre “Ruby”.
1st Render.jpg
First Render of the Model
Composition Render

Lebel 1886 Bayonet

Since I’ve modelled the Lebel rifle I thought I’d better model a bayonet for the weapon as well.


There are two variations of the Lebel bayonet. The first features a nickel-silver handle and a hooked quillion. In 1916 however the need for metals forced the French to redesign the bayonet without the qullion (which seemed to keep getting caught on equipment anyway) and a brass handle.

First render in Maya
Textured Iray render within Substance Painter 2





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