Week 2 – Getting back into modelling

This week I was starting to map things out in my head – what did I need? What am I going to need? and what new skills am I going to need to develop?

Since I’m still reading through the notebooks of Louis Barthas, I’ve decided not to decide upon a setting right from the get go. Instead, I’ll be creating assets that I know I will need for the final project (weapons, props) while reading through the notebooks at the same time in order to establish a suitable setting for the game.

Last year I developed my weapon modelling skills slightly by modelling a few props for my project Thiepval. I created a Lee Enfield Rifle and a Webly Mk VI Revolver. Since Louis Barthas was a  French soldier during WW1, I am going to have to model quite a few items which the army and it’s Poilus (Soldiers) used.

Some items which the French Poilu would have used – The Chauchat Machine rifle, Steel Adrian Helmet, F1 Grenade, Ruby Pistol.

I’m going to start off by modelling the Lebel Model 1886 rifle (Fusil Modèle 1886 dit “Fusil Lebel”). The Lebel was the basic weapon of the French infantry during World War 1 along with the Berthier rifle which was issued to colonial troops as well as those in the French Foreign Legion.



Author: Stu

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